Autistic Adult Social Group

This group provides an opportunity for adults with Asperger's/HFA to meet, support and learn from one another in a non-threatening environment. • LEARN MORE

Parents of teens and young adults with Asperger's Support Group

Families of children or young adults with Asperger's Syndrome can meet as a break-out group during the monthly support meetings. This group will have a specific speaker or a facilitator to lead discussions to address issues and solutions specific to raising children or young adults with Asperger's. Some months this group meets with the main Autism support group if the topic applies to the entire autism spectrum. • LEARN MORE

Dad's Group

This group meets monthly during the support group meetings to address the needs of the family from the dad's perspective and to provide them the opportunity to meet other dads and share their concerns and issues. • LEARN MORE

Grandparents Group

Grandparents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders want to know more about what autism is, what this means for their grandchildren's future, and what they can do to help. Meetings are held during the monthly support meetings and address the unique issues related to families of grandchildren with Autism. • LEARN MORE

Parent Support Group

Spectrum hosts monthly parent meetings the first Thursday of each month (September – May) featuring guest speakers who share their knowledge and expertise regarding a variety of topics related to the Autism Spectrum Disorder. • LEARN MORE

Partner Support Group

Neurodiverse Couple and Partner Programs. A support group for neurotypical partners who are in a relationship with someone on the autism spectrum or with other disability. This open group meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Participants can join at any time. • LEARN MORE

Sibling Support Group

Siblings of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have specific concerns and needs related to life with autism.  Spectrum offers a special group just for siblings during our monthly meetings facilitated by a trained leader. The program involves group discussion, arts & crafts and games and utilizes the SibShop curriculum by Don Meyer, which was specifically designed for children with siblings with special needs. • LEARN MORE

Social Skills Group

In addition to the parent support meetings, simultaneous social skills programs are offered for those with autism ages 4-adult, and are staffed by autism professionals and community volunteers. These groups include our Teen Social Skills Group for those with Asperger’s/High Functioning Autism, Middle School Groups for tweens with Asperger’s/Autism, Sibling Social Group (ages 5-12) and an Adult Social Skills Group for those ages 21-30. Childcare is also offered for siblings under age 4.  • LEARN MORE