Spectrum Super Stars for November! Congratulations to Jordyn Gilbert and Stephanie Simmons, our amazing interns!
Jordyn and Stephanie have been amazing interns, putting in over 54 hours a week between the two of them, making a difference for Spectrum and individuals and families impacted by autism! We are so proud of the passion and commitment they have for Spectrum and grateful for their service.

Jordyn says:
“Volunteering with Spectrum has allowed me to serve and love families and children impacted by autism. Over the course of the last few months, I have gotten to serve these families and individuals in ways I never imagined. There has been nothing better than being able to foster community and spaces where children can be fully themselves and parents can feel seen and known. I have also enjoyed learning how to be better at meeting the needs of others; I can now better advocate for those around me. Overall, I am simply better because of Spectrum and all of the people I have encountered through my time volunteering with them”.

Stephanie says:
“I have enjoyed volunteering with Spectrum so much this past semester. I have been a nanny for a 13-year-old boy with autism for the past seven years, and because of him, I knew I wanted to work with people on the spectrum. Volunteering at Spectrum has been so rewarding. I have loved meeting so many new people, helping with events, and being able to bring joy to others. Being with Spectrum, I have been able to learn so much more about autism and see the work that goes into making a non-profit work so well. I have gained so much useful knowledge and experience that will help me in my career in the future. Thank you!”