Spectrum Super Star May 2022

Congratulations to Spectrum’s star of the month for May, Adaija Childs


Hello! I’m Adaija Childs and I am a junior in high school. I have only worked with Spectrum for about a semester, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with all of the other volunteers. Though most of my work was remote, everyone that I met at the few events that I attended was exceedingly friendly and helpful. I took pictures during the Support Group Meeting in March, and I loved how much everyone seemed to be enjoying the groups that they were in; everyone got to bond with each other and have fun. Additionally, every project that I did at home was in some way related to making the best experience for those who participated in the various programs that Spectrum hosts. I really admire the sense of community that Spectrum works to build, and I appreciate that I was able to contribute to providing for that community.

adaija-childs 1
adaija-childs 2