Spectrum Super Star March 2021

Congratulations to our March star of the month, Gretchen Irons!

Gretchen says:

I started my time with Spectrum 7 years ago as part of the summer camp staff. As a Special Education teacher in GCPS, I have time during the summer, and I was looking for a way to serve and give back to my community. Spectrum has become my way to serve - and just makes my heart and soul feel so good! That summer camp "gig" developed into various roles from technology camp to Saturday camp and many events in between! The children and youth that I get to spend time with, teach me so much about life and how to navigate this world with determination. Getting to see some of our kids grow up through elementary school, middle school and then graduate makes me feel like a proud mom! Thank you to the Spectrum families for allowing me to live life alongside your amazing children. Spectrum has truly been a blessing to me.

Gretchen always has such a great attitude and her love for our kids always shows! We appreciate having wonderful staff like Gretchen! Thank you, Gretchen, for putting so much of your heart into your work!