Spectrum Super Star June 2016

CONGRATS to this month's Spectrum Super Star!

Aniko Brewer

We are happy to recognize Aniko Brewer as our June 2016 Spectrum Super Star of the month!

My name is Aniko Brewer (pronounced like “Monaco” without the M). I have three children – my oldest is 24, Tommy is 10 and Anya is 7. Tommy was diagnosed with autism when he was 30 months. I am super thankful for the early diagnosis and the blessing of going to the Buice School full time. It was at Buice where I was introduced to some amazing people who walk through this journey called autism with me and introduced me to Spectrum.

I started attending the monthly meetings and got to know more people. I learned about Katie Beckett, waivers, and respite, which can all be a confusing mess of red tape. I found that if I am looking for a dentist, therapist, coping strategies, or just want to vent that I have a wonderful group of parents who have either been there or know someone who has.

In 2009, Tommy and I did the Race For Autism (he did the Tot Trot). I loved the community support and the excitement we experienced. I started working with the Race for Autism because I was a runner and wanted to give back what I could to the group that has given so much to me. Thank you Spectrum!

Spectrum says, Aniko has been an active volunteer for Spectrum. She did an amazing job serving as our Emcee for both our Holiday Party and at last year’s Georgia Race for Autism. We are thrilled to have her serving as a member of this year’s Georgia Race for Autism planning committee. Aniko, we appreciate all that you do for Spectrum!

Thank you Aniko for your support of Spectrum!