Spectrum Super Star August 2016

CONGRATS to this month's Spectrum Super Stars!

Adrian Trotter and Bobby Roberts

We are happy to recognize Adrian and Bobby as our August 2016 Spectrum Super Stars of the month!

Adrienne Trotter and Bobby RobertsAs our summer camps wind to an end, we wish to thank Adiran and Bobby for their spectacular work this summer as our camp supervisors. Spectrum has served well onve 600 kids in our summer camps this year and we could not have done it without all the great staff and the leadership of Adrian and Bobby.

Adrian Trotter has been teaching in a Level 2 ASD class for 10 years. She has a passion for children and watching them progress. Ms. Adrian, as she is fondly called at camp, has been working with Spectrum Camps and Clubs for the last 4 years and is also the Assistant Director of Camp Journey. Ms. Adrian loves doing Day camp and meeting the many campers each summer, but her favorite thing to do is Camp Journey. The campers come to Camp Journey so excited to see their friends and are excited to meet new friends. The campers are able to conquer so many fears while at camp and it is wonderful to see. Ms. Adrian enjoys talking to parents and telling them about all the new things that the campers have done. She also enjoys talking with parents and being a sounding board when parents have questions. Ms. Adrian looks forward to each and every time there are new campers and learning then many different personalities that come with the group of Day campers and Camp Journey campers.

Bobby Roberts is a teacher in a Level 3 ASD classroom in Gwinnett County. He has been teaching for the last 4 years. Mr. Bobby, as the campers call him, has been working with children and teenagers with disabilities his entire career of over 20 years. He loves to refer youth basketball and enjoys coaching football and basketball. Mr. Bobby started working at camp over five years ago and has worked camp Journey and Day Camp as a teacher and supervisor. Mr. Bobby loves working camp where he gets to interact with all of the campers and he is able to interact with the parents as well. He loves how lovable the campers can be and how excited they are when they see him. The smiles and high fives that are given by campers are priceless and worth every minute Mr. Bobby spends at camp. Mr. Bobby's motto is "It's all about the kids" and he lives by this motto each and every day.

Mr. Adrian and Mr. Bobby are a good team who work very hard to make summer camp fun and successful for all of the campers. They try to help the parents with questions and always enjoy getting to know the staff as well. They would not be able to do the job that they do without the wonderful staff each summer. The both want to thank the staff anfd parents for a great summer and they can't wait to see everyone next year.

Thank you Adrian and Bobby for your support of Spectrum!