Spectrum's Capital Campaign Goal Achieved! We raised $1,550,000!

Thank you for the wonderful support! There is still much work to be done improving and maintaining the property, and with your help, we will be able to provide the best resources to our families and community. We are currently seeking donations for our maintenance & improvement fund.

Maintenance & Improvement Fund Progress

  • Amount Raised Towards Our $150,000 Goal:


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Learn more about Spectrum Autism Support Center

The Spectrum Autism Support Center is making an impact!

With over 20,000 individuals with autism in Gwinnett County alone, the Spectrum Autism Support Center for families and individuals with autism is filling in considerable gaps in needs in services and supports in our community and allowing us to serve more people. Having a permanent space is enabling us to hold trainings, support groups, respite, camps, social support groups and more.

How can I help?

You can prayerfully and generously give: Gifts may be one time or cumulative over a 3 year period.  100% of your support goes directly to supporting our building costs.

We currently need to replace HVAC units, cover the cost of adding storage and a new roof, and upgrade our playground. Building maintenance and upkeep as well as repairs are ongoing and the needs can be supported with your gift! Consider making a difference!


New home of Spectrum Autism Support Center