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Spectrum Super Stars December 2021

Yash Sajja

Congratulations to Yash Sajja Spectrum’s star of the month for December! Yash is an 11-year old who worked with Boost Kids, an organization empowering kids to give back the world,…

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Spectrum Super Stars November 2021

Congratulations to Braeden and Layla Werts our Spectrum Stars of the month for November!These 2 siblings both raised money to support Spectrum and we commend them for their efforts to…

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Spectrum Super Stars September 2021

Thank you and congratulations to our September Stars of the month – Emory School of Nursing Students, Emma Olson, Allye Marko, Avery Browning, Daisy Akali, Tatiana Slade, Caitlin Donahue, Anna Glowniak, and Ashley…

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Spectrum Super Star August 2021

I am Alex Tucker; I am a senior, non-profit major at LaGrange College. I was an Intern for Spectrum over the summer, and words cannot describe the experiences I have…

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Spectrum Super Star July 2021

I’m Tommy Phillips and I’m a 15 year old boy with autism. I was practically born into the Spectrum family as my mom was part of it. Spectrum helped provide…

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Spectrum Super Star May 2021

Pratik Midha

Pratik raised money from his lemonade stand to donate to Spectrum to make a difference for individuals and families impacted autism in our community. Way to go Pratik! We hope…

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Spectrum Super Star March 2021

I started my time with Spectrum 7 years ago as part of the summer camp staff. As a Special Education teacher in GCPS, I have time during the summer, and…

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Spectrum Super Stars February 2021

Congratulations to our February Stars of the month, Kathy Bozard and Jessika Taplin! Kathy and Jessika have done amazing things working with our Spectrum Drama Club. Even in the midst…

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Spectrum Super Stars January 2021

We congratulate Spectrum’s stars of the month for January 2021, Denise Nielson, Julia Massey, Cheri Hakes, Michelle Russell, and Pam Hoppe. 1st row: Julia Massey, Michelle Russell. 2nd row: Cheri Hakes, Denise Nielson, Pam…

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Spectrum Super Star December 2020

Congratulations to Spectrum’s December 2020 Star of the Month, Agartha Amoah! Agartha has been volunteering as an intern with Spectrum for the past nine months serving at least 16 hours…

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Spectrum Super Stars November 2020

Congratulations to Meylin Vaca and Oliver Kuehl, our Spectrum stars of the month for November! Meylin and Oliver are Juniors at GSMST (Gwinnett School for Math, Science and Technology) and…

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Spectrum Super Stars October 2020

Congratulations to our October stars of the month, Lillie Grace, Casey Wilson and Caroline Cavallaro, who all volunteered Labor Day weekend at our Spectrum Family Camp this year. Lillie Grace…

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