Lego Club

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Introducing Spectrum Camps & Clubs newest program!

LEGO Club pilot members will collaborate to build LEGO models. Instead of building LEGO sets by themselves, members will work in groups of two, three or more. Members will be divided into different but interdependent roles, which will support social interaction and both verbal and nonverbal communication to participate in the activity. Key social experiences such as collaboration, joint attention, division of labor, sharing, turn-taking, will be emphasized and coached by professional staff trained in the characteristics and strategies needed to encourage social interaction among the members.

Beginning with our 2018 sessions, LEGO Club will be separated into two times per night, according to age groups. We will serve an Elementary group (ages 5-11) and a Middle/Adult group (ages 10-22). Please be sure to register for the session according to your age group. This program will be open to members in either Level 3 or 4 special education classes in the school system or those with social skills deficits who are in a regular education classroom. Ages 5-22.

LEGO Club will meet on Thursday evenings at New Directions and is managed by Social Skills Today.

Session Dates

On hold until Fall 2023

Meeting Location

New Directions
4545 Suwanee Dam Road
Suwanee, GA 30024