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Spectrum Autism Support Group was established in 1998 to provide support, education and resources for individuals and families impacted by autism.

Spectrum currently serves over 2000 families in Gwinnett County and the surrounding Metro Atlanta area and has become a well-known resource in the Autism community.

Support groups, summer day camps, overnight camps, social skills groups, respite, community training, and family events are offered for all ages and abilities.


Provide support, education and resources for individuals and families impacted by autism.


Improving the lives of individuals and families impacted by autism.


Spectrum Autism Support Group (Spectrum) was established in the fall of 1998 for families, friends and teachers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) within Gwinnett County, Georgia and the surrounding areas. Two moms, Rochelle Geiman (Stone) and Claire Dees founded the group and realized there was a big need for support when over 100 attended the first meeting in October 1998. It was established as a parent run group, whose mission is to provide support, education and resources for individuals and families impacted by autism in our community and beyond.

Spectrum incorporated in 2000 and received non-profit status in 2002. Spectrum maintains a web site with links to the group’s activities and other resources within the metropolitan area. Spectrum’s Facebook page has over 20,000 followers.

Surveys in the first few years of Spectrum’s existence showed families wanted and needed after school programs, summer programs and respite. So, when Spectrum was able to benefit from the Sugarloaf Women’s Club Charity Giving in 2004 the vision of offering camps for children with autism in our community became a reality. Through fundraising, grant writing and donations Spectrum has been able to add more programs and resources for families.

Spectrum continues to be innovative and progressive in seeking opportunities to improve the lives of children/adults with ASD and their families by filling in the gaps that exist in supports and services in our community.


Claire DeesSpectrum Autism Support Group operated as a parent-run volunteer group with no paid staff or office up until July 1, 2016 when Spectrum hired Claire Dees, the group’s co-founder, as its first Executive Director. Spectrum has an active volunteer leadership board who support the overall operation of the group. Assisting the board is a professional advisory board comprised of various community professionals interested in supporting the mission and goals of the organization. Independent contractors coordinate and staff our camps, respite, and social skills programs.

Board Members

Spectrum's leadership board works tirelessly to further the work of Spectrum in the community. We would not be where we are today without them and appreciate them very much!

2024 Board Members

Kathy Brust April Coleman Claire Dees Clint Fishback Gereen Francis
Detrice Gilbert Cherry Donald Raju Midha Michael Wright Craig Pett
Lemetra Dismuke Margaret Rutland Russell Lloyd Sandy Weaver Kimberly Works